Exploring the World of Coffee: The Story of Six Coffee Certifications

Coffee, as one of the most popular drinks in the world, has rich stories and values behind it. As concerns about sustainability and ethical responsibility continue to grow, coffee certification has become an important symbol representing the joint efforts of producers and consumers. In this article, we’ll take a look at six common coffee certifications […]

Can plastic stand-up bags be used to package hot cream soup?

Among the new customers we have met recently, several of them sell soups. Their products require hot filling. Customers are inevitably worried about whether ordinary plastic stand-up bags can withstand high temperatures? Today we are going to answer this question for you: The use temperature range of plastic stand-up bags is: -18℃-121℃. It is perfectly […]

How to improve customer satisfaction with products through packaging bags

Have you been wondering: How to increase your product purchase rate and repurchase rate? Your product must be very good, and you must have invested a lot of upfront advertising costs, but how do you get more and more customers to put your products in their shopping baskets and take them home? Today we provide […]

Can roasted coffee beans be packaged in compostable bags?

It is well known that roasted coffee beans require very high storage conditions, because after the coffee beans are exposed to air for a long time, oxidation will occur and the taste will deteriorate. Usually the bags used to store coffee beans should block water and oxygen. However, compostable packaging bags, especially home compostable packaging, can […]

Do the weed bags need to be heat sealed?

In the last blog, we discussed some things to note about customizing weed bags. Today I would like to talk to you about whether the weed bag needs to be heat sealed. In the last article, we mentioned that cannabis products have very high requirements for packaging bags: first, the bags must be moisture-proof; second, […]

Digital printing, stars in the field of packaging

Today, Allinclusive would like to talk to you about digital printing. There are many printing methods for customized packaging, the common ones are screen printing, offset printing, gravure printing and digital printing which has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many people who know the industry are familiar with these printing methods, but for the […]

A custom guide to your weed bags in 2024

In recent years, with the legalization of cannabis in some countries and regions, cannabis and its derivatives have gradually come into the public eye. The sales of cannabis products have also begun to become increasingly fierce, and many people have begun to pay attention to all factors that can increase sales, especially cannabis packaging bags. […]

How long is the shelf life of recyclable packaging bags?

recyclable coffee bags

In recent years, customized Eco-friendly packaging bags have entered the market, and their share in the field of customized flexible packaging is also increasing year by year. However, there are still many brands and companies that have a wait-and-see attitude towards customized recyclable and customized compostable packaging bags. There are three main reasons: 1. Is […]

Packaging Tips: Those High Barrier Compostable Materials in Packaging Bags

The demand for compostable packaging bags has increased day by day in recent years, and many customers who use traditional packaging are gradually becoming aware of compostable alternatives. After collecting everyone’s questions, we found that what everyone is most concerned about is: Can custom compostable packaging bags maintain high barrier properties? In fact, it’s easy […]

Application of Invisible Ink in Flexible Packaging

Today I would like to introduce to you a very unpopular knowledge in the field of customized flexible packaging: the application of fluorescent ink in customized flexible packaging. Fluorescent ink is also called invisible ink. Its main function is to prevent counterfeiting. It is not widely used in printed packaging. Only some special products or […]