Flat Bottom Bag

One of the most popular packaging bag types
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Custom Flat Bottom Bag

Four Advantages You Need to Know about Flat Bottom Bags

  • More printable sides: Compared with other bag types, the flat bottom bag has 5 printable sides, providing more design space.
  • Greater shelf stability: have the most outstanding shelf stability and provide more convenience for product display.
  • More profit: Fashionable shape, more popular with young people. they are willing to pay a premium.
  • More sealing methods: side zippers for easy re-sealing.

Size Customized

Material Customized

Free Sample Available

UV Printing Effect

More Details about Flat Bottom Bags


Coffee, Tea, Dog Food, Cat Food, Bird Food, Candy, Beef Jerky, Spices, Marijuana, Chocolate, Vitamins, Cat Litter, Soap, Snacks…


Can be customized according to needs. Our manager will also recommend the size for you based on the information you give.


Common materials and environment-friendly materials are available.


Air Valve, Zipper, Side Zipper, Tin Tie, Child Resistant Zipper, Compostable Air Valve, Compostable Zipper, Compostable Side Zipper, Recyclable Air Valve, Recyclable Zipper, Recyclable Side Zipper Available.

Printing Effect:

Matte, Glossy, UV Printing, Hot Stampling, Touch Film.


Gravure printing 2000/SKU; Digital printing 500/SKU.

We have printed many exquisite Flat Bottom Bags

The following are some of the bags we have produced, we look forward to you having such beautiful food bags, coffee bags, cat litter bags...

Coffee Bags
Tea Bags
Cat Food Bags
Chocolate bags
Soap Bags
Coffee Bags
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