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Flat Pouches

custom printed chocolate packaging bags to get more followers for your products

Flat Pouches

Why Choose Our Printed Packaging Bags

We are a flexible packaging manufacturer from China. We have been engaged in the packaging production industry for more than 40 years and have long-term good cooperation with customers in more than 70 countries around the world. We are very strict on the quality control of packaging bags, you can definitely customize chocolate packaging bags that satisfy you with us.

We are also very willing to take environmental responsibility with you, you can find high protection compostable bags and recyclable bags with us.

Common Bag Type for chocolate Packaging

You can find any bag shape you want for your chocolate with us, your bag not only needs to protect the chocolate, but also needs to stand out on the shelf. So you need to choose the most suitable bag type to fully display your design and attract attention.

We also have a lot of bags in stock, if you don’t need custom printed bags yet, you can buy stock bags from us.

stand up bags with window

The stand-up pouch is the most widely used bag, which can be resealed with a zipper. Stand-up pouches have very good shelf stability. It is the first choice of many chocolate brands.

Coffee Packaging Bag

The flat bottom bag has the best shelf stability. Zipper, tear opening, hanging hole provided. Make the use and preservation more convenient.

Flat Pouches with Zipper

The small flat pouches with zipper is suitable for small-capacity chocolate packaging, and the zipper is convenient for re-sealing, providing longer protection for chocolate.

Printing Process of Custom Chocolate Packaging Bags

Ten-color Gravure Printing Machine

  • 10 colors can be printed.
  • The color is subject to the international Pantone color, no chromatic aberration.
  • MOQ 2000


  • MOQ 500:MOQ as low as 500 per design,more suitable for businesses that require flexible turnover
  • Multi-SKU: With excellent imposition capability, multiple SKUs can be printed at the same time
  • High productivity: No need to make a plate in advance, directly enter the design draft into the computer to print your custom chocolate bag.
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