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If you are still looking for a custom packaging bag manufacturer for your vitamins, protein powder and other nutritional supplements, you can stop looking when you meet us.

We will provide you with perfect packaging solutions, from materials, configuration to operation, to ensure the quality of your products, and will restore your design 100%. We are always committed to helping brands gain greater market share in the $100 billion nutritional supplement market!

Which bag is the right pouch for nutritional supplements?

How to make your brand stand out from the crowd of competing products? Of course it is an outstanding appearance! Please choose a bag type you like first, this is the first step to start a dialogue with your customers.

Stand-up pouches are the most widely used bags, can be resealed with a zipper, and have very good shelf stability. Suitable for all kinds of nutritional supplements, even beverages.

The flat bottom bag has the strongest stability, and the five printing sides can give you more design space and better display your products. It can well protect the potency of nutritional supplements such as vitamins.

Side gusseted bags have a larger internal space to meet the needs of large-capacity packaging. The opening can be fully opened to improve filling efficiency. Can be resealed with tin tie. Great for protein powders.

Flat Pouches with Zipper, similar to three-side seal bags. But it’s zippered and resealable, so it’s great for nutritional supplements like vitamin tablets and gummies. easy to carry.

Three-side seal bags are one of the cheapest bags to produce. Sizes can be customized as required. Provides long-lasting protection for your nutritional supplements.

Custom Spout Pouch is often used to package vitamin drinks and other functional drinks. While saving more space than bottled drinks, it also has very good stability. It is one of the commonly used vitamin packaging bags.

Digital Printing, Provides More Possibilities for Your Business

Two advantages of digital printing

Low MOQ: The minimum order quantity for each SKU is 500pcs.

Excellent imposition ability: packaging bags with the same size and different designs can be produced at the same time.

If you have a lot of customized packaging pouches to print at the same time, you can consider digital printing!
Customize digitally printed packaging bags with us, with short lead times and reasonable prices.

Select Materials for Custom Printed Vitamin Bags

Spice Packaging

Traditional Material

You can choose the material according to the product characteristics, high barrier or low barrier. If it is packaging powder products, you can choose antistatic film. If low-temperature freezing is required, we also provide you with temperature-resistant materials.

stand Up Pouch

Compostable Material

You can find home compostable materials, industrial compostable materials, high barrier biodegradable materials, low barrier biodegradable materials here.

All our materials have certification, you can contact us for more information.

side gusset bag

Recyclable Material

We have a wide range of recyclable materials to choose from. We are very experienced in printing custom recyclable flexible packaging pouches, and have printed recyclable coffee bags and recyclable food bags for many customers in European and American countries.

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