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What are the Compostable Materials Used in Packaging Bag?

Although biodegradable packaging bags have been in the public eye for some time,
But many brands still don’t know which material to choose for their products.

As a company that invests a lot of energy in researching biodegradable packaging bag solutions, we know all about compostable materials and can give you a simple answer.

Industrial Compost

Industrial compost materials require the addition of catalysts to aid degradation.

Mainly include: PLA, VMPLA, NK.

Low barrier: PLA/PBAT; PLA/Kraft Paper/PBAT

Degradation process

Home Compost

Home composting material degrades without the need for a catalyst.

Mainly include: Kraft Paper, Rice Paper, NKME, PBAT, PBS.

Low barrier: Kraft Pape/PBAT; Rice Paper/PBAT
High barrier: Kraft Paper/NKME/PBAT; Kraft Paper/NKME/PBS; NK/NKME/PBS

Degradation process

Advanced Solutions

easy zipper

1.Biodegradable accessories

All accessories of the packaging bag (zippers, air valves) are biodegradable.

soft touch oil

2.Soft Touch Oil

It can completely replace the touch film. Make the packaging bag more textured.

soft touch oil
Mylar Bags for Matches

3.Digital Printing

Choose digital printing, the minimum order quantity for each SKU is 1000. It can provide you with a more flexible turnaround.

What Type of Customers are Suitable for Compostable Pouches Bags?

Due to the characteristics of compostable packaging bags, the bags will begin to slowly degrade after a period of time on the shelf (different materials begin to degrade on the shelf at different times), which will reduce the insulation of the bag and cause appearance deformation.

Therefore, we recommend that if your product is consumed quickly, can consider compostable bags. For example, a coffee brand came to us before. Considering that their coffee beans can be used up in a short period of time, they finally chose kraft paper/PLA.

All Compostable Solutions Are Tested So You Don't Have to Spend Time Testing

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