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Coffee Bean

recyclable coffee bags

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Recyclable Types

PE Recclable Materials

The main material combinations are:



  • Low isolation
  • Material is soft
  • Easy Zipper (Side Zipper)/Normal Zipper/Valve


  • High isolation
  • Material is slightly harder
  • Easy Zipper (Side Zipper)/Normal Zipper/Valve
PP Recyclable

PP Recyclable Material

The main combinations are:




  • Highest isolation
  • Material is hard
  • Cannot be made into packaging bags with windows
  • Easy Zipper (Side Zipper)/Normal Zipper/Valve


  • Lowest isolation
  • Material is slightly harder
  • Easy Zipper (Side Zipper)/Normal Zipper/Valve
PP Recyclable

Advanced Solutions

easy zipper

1.PP Side Zippers

After repeated trials, recyclable packaging bags with PP side zippers have been successfully produced. This is a very big breakthrough, especially in the coffee field where side zippers are widely needed.

soft touch oil

2.Soft Touch Oil

It can completely replace the touch film. Make the packaging bag more textured.

soft touch oil
Mylar Bags for Matches

3.Digital Printing

Choose digital printing, the minimum order quantity for each SKU is 500. It can provide you with a more flexible turnaround.

Customers’ Top Concerns about Recyclable Bags

Many brands will consider the following points when preparing to customize recyclable packaging bags:


When replacing ordinary materials with recyclable materials, can the original properties be retained?

The answer is: yes! Usually the food industry is most concerned about this issue, and they will pay special attention to isolation. There is no need to worry about this. The insulation properties of the recyclable material VMOPP are as high as the traditional material VMPET. After testing, it can provide long-lasting protection for coffee, tea and other products. As for other needs, there are different solutions to meet them.


Are recyclable packaging bags very expensive?

There are many factors that affect the price: such as printing, bag type, and material combination. If other conditions remain unchanged, the price is greatly affected by the material combination. However, according to industry feedback, the prices are within everyone’s acceptable range.

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