Custom Candy Bags

Make your life sweeter like

Custom Candy Bags

Custom Candy Packaging Bags

Before the guests eat delicious candies, the first thing that arouses the desire of customers to buy is the uniquely designed candy packaging bags.

A beautiful custom candy bag also boosts the value of the candy. bring you more profit.

Candy bags also provide protection for candies, and custom candy packaging with zipper provide resealable functionality for guests.

Hot Selling Custom Candy Bags

Stand Up Pouch

The most widely used packaging bag. Perfect for any candy. Resealable.

stand up bags with window

Stand Up Pouch with Window

With a transparent window, if the candy is beautiful, it is recommended that you choose a custom candy bag with window

custom coffee bags with valve


Has excellent stability and has more printed surfaces. It also has a zipper for resealing.

3 side seal pouch

suitable for single servings of candy. Promotional giveaways, gifts or other occasions

Shaped Stand Up Pouch

Shaped Stand Up Pouch

You can customize special shaped bags for your candy, although the price is slightly higher, but such bags are more attractive to customers.

3 side seal pouch

Flat Pouches

Custom candy bags with zippers that can be resealed if you can’t eat them all at once, protecting the candy for long time.

The Right Bag for Your Candy Packaging

Custom Candy Bags

Candies generally require less barrier than some other products because of their sugar content. So you can choose a combination of materials according to your actual needs for custom candy bag.

High isolation: PE+VMPET / PE+AL
Or directly choose ordinary kraft paper bags.

If you don’t know which material to choose, you can contact us and tell us what kind of candy you will pack, we will recommend for you.

Compostable Custom Candy Bag

We are not only willing to help your brand grow, but also willing to work with you to do more for the planet. Both our compostable packaging bagscan achieve a MOQ of 5,000, if you are interested, please contact us.

Choose a Custom Effect for Your Custom Candy Packaging

UV Printing
UV Printing

Through technical processing, a matte and glossy effect is achieved. Will make a custom weed bag look premium.

touch film
Touch Film

It looks similar to a matte film, but it feels very delicate to the touch. Would make a custom weed bag with a child-resistant zipper more popular.


With a sense of gloss, it can attract the attention of customers very well on the shelf.


More classic. Matte often gives a sense of calm atmosphere.

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