Custom Seed Packets


Start to Customize Flexible Packaging Bags for Soil with Us

We have printed a variety of custom flexible packaging bags for customers in more than 70 countries around the world, covering various industries. We are well aware of the importance of packaging bags for product preservation, and we will recommend perfect customized packaging solutions for you according to the characteristics of different products.

The most important thing about seeds is the germination rate, so the choice of packaging bags must be cautious. But you can rest assured to cooperate with us, we will give the most professional solution.

Which bag is the right pouch for custom seed packets?

How to make your brand stand out from the crowd of competing products? Of course it is an outstanding appearance! Please choose a bag type you like first, this is the first step to start a dialogue with your customers.

Stand-up pouches are the most widely used bags, can be resealed with a zipper, and have very good shelf stability.

The flat bottom bag has the strongest stability, and the five printing sides can give you more design space and better display your products. 

Side gusseted bags have a larger internal space to meet the needs of large-capacity packaging. The opening can be fully opened to improve filling efficiency. 

Flat Pouches with Zipper, similar to three-side seal bags. But it’s zippered and resealable.

Three-side seal bags are one of the cheapest bags to produce. Sizes can be customized as required. 

Eco-Friendly Custom Seed Packets

Traditional plastic bags cause serious pollution to the environment, especially the plastic waste accumulated in the ocean and on land takes hundreds of years to degrade. Eco-friendly packaging bags are usually made of biodegradable or recyclable materials, which can reduce the degree of plastic pollution, protect ecological balance, and save non-renewable resources.

In addition, customized eco-friendly packaging bags can enhance the brand image and increase consumers’ favorability for the brand. Consumers are also willing to pay a higher premium for this, enabling companies to obtain higher profits.

Recyclable custom seed packets
recyclable packaging
Compostable custom seed packets
Degradation process

Digital Printing, Provides More Possibilities for Your Business

Compared with traditional printing, what are the advantages of digital printing?

Low MOQ: The minimum order quantity for each SKU is 500pcs.

Excellent imposition ability: packaging bags with the same size and different designs can be produced at the same time.

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