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We are a professional manufacturer from China who has been engaged in the custom flexible packaging bag industry for 40 years. We have successfully reached cooperation with customers from 70 countries around the world.

Especially in terms of customized food packaging bags, we have many successful cases. We have printed custom packaging bags for soups, oatmeal, potato chips, popcorn, nori, fish cakes, cheese, pasta, pork chops, frozen foods and oily foods.

You can tell us your needs, we will provide you with the most suitable solution, especially in the material selection of packaging bags, we have very rich experience.

Custom Printed Food Packaging Bags We Have Produced

stand up pouches for soups

Stand Up Pouch for Soups

PET/Liquid PE

pork chops

Pork Chops Packaging Bags


Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouches

Kraft Paper Stand Up Bags

Matopp/Kraft Paper/VMPET/PE

cake bags

Custom Cake Bags

Matopp/Kraft Paper/Cpp

Custom Oatmeal Bags

Custom Oatmeal Bags

PET/Anti-freeze NY/PE

oily foods

Custom Bags Oily Foods



Custom Spaghetti Bags



Custom Cheese Bags


fish cake

Custom Fish Cake Bags

Mattopp/Anti-freeze NY/PE

Custom seaweed Bags

Custom Seaweed Bags



Custom Popcorn Bags

Matopp/Kraft Paper/PE

3 side seal pouch

3-side Sealed Food Bags


Eco-Friendly Packaging Pouches

More and more countries and regions have made requirements for eco-friendly packaging. Many of our customers have also updated their packaging solutions and started using green packaging.

As a leader in China’s flexible packaging industry, we have been deeply involved in eco-friendly packaging for many years, and now we have the most comprehensive eco-friendly packaging solutions, and we are also very familiar with the regulations on compostable packaging in various countries.

You can tell us your needs, we will provide you with the best solution.

Recyclable Food Bags
recyclable packaging

Our recyclable packaging materials are mainly divided into two categories: PE and PP.

PE category: PE, APE, MDOPE, etc.
PP type: BOPP, VMOPP, CPP, Matt OPP, etc.

You can choose to customize high-barrier recyclable packaging bags or customize low-barrier recyclable packaging pouches according to your needs.

Regarding the price and minimum order quantity of recyclable packaging bags: After years of continuous optimization, the price and minimum order quantity of the recyclable packaging bags we produce can surprise you.
Regarding the specific differences between these two types of materials, you can contact our managers for a more detailed explanation.

Compostable Food Bags
Degradation process

There are two types of compostable packaging bag materials: home composting and industrial composting.

Compostable packaging bags will naturally decompose into harmless water, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other substances, and the decomposition process is very short.
Many of our customers have switched from traditional packaging bags to compostable packaging bags.

Our compostable materials include: PBS, PLA, NK, NKME, Kraft Paper, etc. Compostable air valves and zippers.

Whether high barrier compostable packaging bags or low barrier compostable packaging bags, we can print it all. As for price and MOQ, we also have a great advantage over other packaging bag manufacturers.

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