Can plastic stand-up bags be used to package hot cream soup?

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Among the new customers we have met recently, several of them sell soups. Their products require hot filling. Customers are inevitably worried about whether ordinary plastic stand-up bags can withstand high temperatures?

Today we are going to answer this question for you:

The use temperature range of plastic stand-up bags is: -18℃-121℃. It is perfectly fine if the temperature of your product does not exceed 121℃.

Common materials for food-grade stand-up bags include: PE, PET, VMPET, etc. Their temperature adaptation range is relatively large.

If you need to preserve your food at low temperature, please note that the low temperature limit of conventional materials is -18℃. If the storage temperature is lower than minus 18℃, you need to use other materials.

For more questions about temperature, please leave a message or leave your comment, and we can discuss more.

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