Face Mask Packaging

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Why Choose Our Printed Packaging Bags

We are a flexible packaging manufacturer from China. We have been engaged in the packaging production industry for more than 40 years and have long-term good cooperation with customers in more than 70 countries around the world. We are very strict on the quality control of packaging bags, you can definitely customize Face Mask packaging bags that satisfy you with us.

Stand Up Pouch for Facial mask

Mask is one of the consumables that are in high demand in daily life. There are many types and many brands, so the competition is fierce. So you need great mask packaging to elevate your product to a premium.

You can send us your design, we will definitely produce a mask packaging bag that satisfies you.

To grow your business, now is the time to get custom bags.

We are also very willing to take environmental responsibility with you, you can find high protection compostable bags and recyclable bags with us.

Common Mask Packaging Types

Stand Up Pouch for Facial mask

The most common facial mask packaging bags are three-side seals or two-side seals, of course you can also customize personalized bags.

Three printing effects commonly used in custom coffee bags

UV Printing

Through technical processing, a matte and glossy effect is achieved. Will make a custom Spice Packaging look premium.


With metallic luster, it is more eye-catching under the light.


More classic. Matte often gives a sense of calm atmosphere.

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