Options for Custom Packaging Bags

We are a professional customized flexible packaging manufacturer from China, and have provided packaging bag solutions to customers in more than 70 countries around the world.

Just tell us your needs, and we will try our best to provide you with a custom packaging bag solution that satisfies you, whether bag type, material, or even small accessories and printing, we can give you a perfect solution.

Bag Type Options

The choice of custom packaging bag type is very important, and it should be selected according to the characteristics of the product and the actual sales situation. Choosing the right bag type and matching the perfect design can make your brand more noticeable and increase product sales.

Custom Printed Packaging Bags Configuration Options


visible window


Configuration Options

Hanging Hole

Easy Tear

One-way Degassing Valve


Custom flexible pouches with zippers are easily resealable. It is a very common packaging configuration.

We have many types of zippers: regular zippers, side zippers, child resistant zippers, compostable zippers, recyclable zippers.

Visible Window

The custom-printed packaging bag with a visual window allows customers to easily see the products inside, helping customers better understand the quality of the product before purchasing.

Let more people see your high-quality products and increase sales.

Tin Tie

Tin tie is also a way of resealing. Many coffee brands still choose Tin Tie when customizing coffee packaging bags. Any bag shape can be matched with Tin Tie.

But Tin Tie is not compostable, so beware of Tin Tie if you want your custom bags to be compostable.

Hanging Hole

Some products need to be displayed on the shelf, so many brands will choose to customize the printed packaging pouches with hanging hole.

Hanging holes come in circular or airplane shapes.

Easy Tear

Allow your customers to quickly open packaging pouches without the need for scissors. Almost all custom printed poucheswill come with easy tear.

One-way Degassing Valve

One-way Degassing Valve makes gas exchange controllable. It allows the gas generated by the food in the packaging pouches to escape the packaging pouches, and prevents the outside air from entering it. Keep the food in the packaging pouches fresh and not deteriorated.

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