Can roasted coffee beans be packaged in compostable bags?

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It is well known that roasted coffee beans require very high storage conditions, because after the coffee beans are exposed to air for a long time, oxidation will occur and the taste will deteriorate. Usually the bags used to store coffee beans should block water and oxygen.

However, compostable packaging bags, especially home compostable packaging, can be completely degraded in about half a year under certain conditions. Even on the shelf, biodegradable bags can change over time. They can become brittle, curl, etc., and the bag’s barrier properties can also decrease.

Therefore, many coffee bean roasters are hesitant when choosing compostable packaging bags. We discuss this issue with you in this article, not because we have any new solutions, but because we just want to help you sort out the ideas for choosing compostable coffee packaging bags.

First of all, you must determine how long it will take from the time your custom biodegradable packaging bag is produced until the customer consumes the coffee beans? It is recommended that the entire process should not take more than 10 months. This is just a current suggestion. You still need to confirm the specific time with your packaging bag supplier.

If you choose the compostable combination of PLA+Kraft Paper, you need to pay more attention to the consumption time of your coffee beans. Compostable bags also have very low insulation due to this combination of materials. If your coffee beans can be consumed within a month after roasting, then you may consider this type of bag because its cost is also very low.

Finally, if you choose to use compostable packaging bags for your coffee beans, it is recommended that you remind customers on the packaging bag to consume the coffee beans as soon as possible before the taste of the coffee beans changes, which can save you unnecessary trouble.

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