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Cute cats are important members of many families. It is the spiritual companionship of many people, and many people are willing to pay more money for it.

Therefore, the competition between cat toys and cat food market is particularly fierce. We believe that you must have spent a lot of effort in researching better-tasting cat food. If you want more people to know your brand, in addition to advertising promotion, you also need to customize packaging bags.

On the one hand, customized cat food pouches can guarantee the deliciousness of cat food. On the other hand, cat food pouches with exquisite printing can also increase customers’ desire to buy and increase your sales.

6 Benefits of Custom Cat Food Pouches You Can’t Miss

There are many types of cat food, and the storage methods of each cat food have different requirements for packaging bags. Some require ventilation, while others require insulation. Customized cat food packaging pouches can choose the most suitable packaging material according to the different characteristics of the product.

1. Airtightness: ensure that the cat food pouch has good air tightness, which can effectively prevent the cat food from being damp and polluted, and keep the food fresh.

2. Transparency: Cat food pouches with windows can be customized, so that consumers can clearly see the appearance and texture of the snacks, increasing the attractiveness.

3. Air permeability: Some cat foods may require a certain amount of air permeability, especially for snacks with high moisture content. The water vapor generated by the snack itself should be discharged from the packaging bag in time to prevent the food from getting damp.

4. Temperature resistance: If the cat food needs to be frozen or has special storage requirements, the packaging bag should have the performance of low temperature resistance or high temperature resistance.

5. Resealability: There are many cat food or freeze-dried packages that are packaged in large volumes, which requires that the cat food packaging bags can be resealed to ensure that the food will not deteriorate.

6. Publicity: In addition to the protective function of customized cat food packaging, the most important thing is to promote the brand and increase sales. An attractive design can make your product stand out on the shelf, increase customers’ desire to buy and deepen their impression of your brand.

Digital Printing, Provides More Possibilities for Your Business

Compared with traditional printing, what are the advantages of digital printing?

Low MOQ: The minimum order quantity for each SKU is 500pcs.

Excellent imposition ability: packaging bags with the same size and different designs can be produced at the same time.

Why recommend custom printed cat food pouches to choose digital printing?

Because there are many types of cat food, there are often many designs of cat food packaging bags. Using traditional printing to produce packaging bags, each design needs to pay a version fee. Costs will be high and lead times will be longer.
But digital printing doesn’t need to be like this. Enter your design into the program and print directly at no additional cost to you. Cat food pouches of the same size but with different designs can be produced at the same time.

If your cat food pouches have multiple designs, and the quantity of each SKU is not large, you must choose digital printing, which is efficient and cost-effective.

Which bag is the right bag type for cat food pouches?

How to make your brand stand out from the crowd of competing products? Of course it is an outstanding appearance! Please choose a bag type you like first, this is the first step to start a dialogue with your customers.

Stand Up Pouch is the most widely used packaging bag. Stand-up pouches not only have excellent shelf stability, but are also relatively cheap. Suitable for packaging freeze-dried, dried meat, hair grooming, teeth cleaning and other pet products.

The flat bottom bag is a kind of packaging bag that has become particularly popular in recent years. The bottom design makes it have the strongest stability, and the five printing sides can give you more design space. Many of our customers choose it as pet food packaging bags.

Side gusseted bag is also a traditional packaging bag type, which is very cost-effective. Suitable for large-capacity pet food bags, such as 10kg cat food.

Eco-Friendly Custom Cat Food Pouches

Cat food are one of the products that are consumed very quickly, so a lot of packaging waste is generated, which will cause a great burden on the environment. Therefore, many companies that produce pet products have begun to choose sustainable cat food packaging bags.

According to the survey, the customized eco-friendly cat food bag brand will be more likely to be sought after. Customers will think that this is a powerful and socially responsible company, and they are more willing to pay more product premiums, so that the company can obtain higher profits.

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Recyclable cat food pouches
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