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We will provide you with the perfect packaging solution, 100% restore your design. The material of custom printed packaging bags can be chosen, which can perfectly protect your products from sunlight, humidity, and ensure your bath salts and body scrubs stay fresh and clean.

What are the specific points that cannot be ignored in custom bath salt packaging?

Choose Bath Salt Packaging Bag Material

Bath Salt Packaging

Common bath products are divided into three categories: Bath Bomb, Bath Salt and Body Scrub.

The preservation of Bath Bomb and Bath Salt requires dryness, and Body Scrub requires high insulation, so the first consideration when choosing materials is insulation. The highly insulating bath salt packaging bag can guarantee the effect and aroma of the product.

Bath salts are best packaged in stand-up bags, which are airtight, retailable, and can hold up to a lot of heat.
Body scrub bags must be resealable.

Which bag is the right pouch for bath salt packaging?

How to make your brand stand out from the crowd of competing products? Of course it is an outstanding appearance! Please choose a bag type you like first, this is the first step to start a dialogue with your customers.

Stand-up pouches are the most widely used bags, can be resealed with a zipper, and have very good shelf stability. Suitable for Body Scrub.

Flat Pouches with Zipper, similar to three-side seal bags. But it’s zippered and resealable, so it’s great for bath salt, easy to carry.

Three-side seal bags are one of the cheapest bags to produce. Sizes can be customized as required. Provides long-lasting protection for bath bomb.

Digital Printing, Provides More Possibilities for Your Business

Two advantages of digital printing

Low MOQ: The minimum order quantity for each SKU is 500pcs.

Excellent imposition ability: packaging bags with the same size and different designs can be produced at the same time.

If you have a lot of customized packaging pouches to print at the same time, you can consider digital printing!
Customize digitally printed packaging bags with us, with short lead times and reasonable prices.

Custom Printed Packaging Bags Configuration Options


Hanging Hole

Easy Tear

visible window


Custom flexible pouches with zippers are easily resealable. It is a very common packaging configuration.

We have many types of zippers: regular zippers, side zippers, child resistant zippers, compostable zippers, recyclable zippers.

Hanging Hole

Some products need to be displayed on the shelf, so many brands will choose to customize the printed packaging pouches with hanging hole.

Hanging holes come in circular or airplane shapes.

Easy Tear

Allow your customers to quickly open bath salt packaging without the need for scissors. Almost all custom printed poucheswill come with easy tear.

Visible Window

The custom-printed packaging bag with a visual window allows customers to easily see the products inside, helping customers better understand the quality of the product before purchasing.

Let more people see your high-quality products and increase sales.

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