Custom Mylar Bags

Stand Up Pouch with Window

About Allinclusive

We are a professional manufacturer from China who has been engaged in the custom flexible packaging bag industry for 40 years. We have successfully reached cooperation with customers from 70 countries around the world.

Our orders are mainly customized food packaging bags, customized coffee packaging, and customized cannabis packaging bags.

But we have also printed custom Mylar bags for toys, instrument accessories and other products.

Showing You Our Printed Mylar Bags

Mylar bags for toys

Mylar Bags for Toys


Straw stick

Straw Stick Packaging Bags


Mylar Bags for Matches

Mylar Bags for Matches


three-side seal

Mylar Bags for Dental Accessories

Front: PET+PE
Back: PET/pearl film/CPP

Why can we stand out from many mylar bags wholesales?

Different solutions are available: a large quantity please choose gravure printing, the cost ist lower; digital printing can offer very low MOQs, you only need to pay a little more for faster turnaround.

The production process is mature: we are good at gold printing, hot stamping, and UV printing. 100% restore the design effect of your mylar bags.

Comprehensive materials: whether it is ordinary mylar bags, biodegradable mylar bags, or recyclable mylar bags. We can provide a very comprehensive range of packaging solutions.

When some customers find us, they are not very clear about the solution they want. If possible, you can inform us your quantity, sales speed, even your budget. We will combine various considerations to provide you with the best coffee packaging printing options.

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