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Establish brand image: By printing the brand logo and image design on the packaging bags, you can improve brand awareness and recognition, distinguish your brand from competitors’ products, make it easier for consumers to remember your brand, and make your brand more competitive force.
Increase the added value of rice: well-designed rice packaging can make your rice appear more high-end, thereby increasing the added value of rice and consumers’ desire to buy, and bringing about sales growth.
Increase brand loyalty: When consumers buy your rice, they will form a cognitive and emotional connection with your brand, thereby increasing brand loyalty, which is good for long-term customer retention.
Protect rice quality: protect the freshness and quality of rice, and avoid rice mold.

Which bag is the right bag type for rice?

How to make your brand stand out from the crowd of competing products? Of course it is an outstanding appearance! Please choose a bag type you like first, this is the first step to start a dialogue with your customers.

Stand-up pouches are the most widely used bags, can be resealed with a zipper, and have very good shelf stability. Many of our customers have chosen stand-up bags for rice.

The flat bottom bag has the strongest stability, and the five printing sides can give you more design space and better display your products. It can protect the rice very well and prevent the rice from getting moldy.

Side gusseted bags have a larger internal space to meet the needs of large-capacity packaging. The opening can be fully opened to improve filling efficiency. Can be resealed with tin tie. 

How to choose the material for custom rice Packaging?

Stand Up Pouch with Window

When choosing the material for packaging bags, the following three factors need to be considered:

1. Food safety: There is no need to introduce more about food safety. This is the certification that all food packaging bags must have.

2. Isolation: The preservation of rice should be moisture-proof and odor-proof, so as to maintain the quality of rice.

3. Market needs and trends: Understanding market needs and trends is also an important consideration. For example, if consumers are increasingly concerned about environmentally friendly packaging, choosing compostable, recyclable or reusable packaging materials may be more in line with market demand.

FDA Certified

Why Choose us For Rice Packaging ?

Printing Process of Custom Rice Packaging

Ten-color Gravure Printing Machine

  • 10 colors can be printed.
  • The color is subject to the international Pantone color, no chromatic aberration.
  • MOQ 2000


  • MOQ 500:MOQ as low as 500 per design,more suitable for businesses that require flexible turnover
  • Multi-SKU: With excellent imposition capability, multiple SKUs can be printed at the same time
  • High productivity: No need to make a plate in advance, directly enter the design draft into the computer to print your custom rice bag.
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