Spout Pouch

Stand up pouches with spout, an indispensable packaging bag for daily life.
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Custom Spout Pouch

How to Make Spouted Pouch a Magic Weapon for Sales

The spout pouch is a stand-up pouch widely used in the liquid field. It has good shelf stability and is very convenient to carry and use.

1. Design: It should be eye-catching without being too complicated and dazzling.
2. Content: It can mark the characteristics of the product, the slogan, and the parameter information of the product.

Size Customized

Material Customized

Free Sample Available

UV Printing Effect

More Details about Spout Pouch


Fruit Puree, Jelly, Juice, Yogurt, Milk, Beverage, Laundry Detergent, etc.


Can be customized according to needs. If you don’t know the specific size, you can tell us the capacity you want.


Common materials and environment-friendly materials are available.


Straw (optional), normal lid, mushroom lid (more friendly to children, less effort, to prevent being swallowed)

Printing Effect:

Matte, Glossy, UV Printing, Hot Stampling, Touch Film.


Gravure printing 2000/SKU; Digital printing 500/SKU.

We have printed many exquisite spout pouch

The following are some of the bags we have produced, we look forward to you having such beautiful spout pouch for jelly, yogurt, milk, fruit puree, laundry detergent, beverage, etc.

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