How to choose the right packaging bag for your coffee?

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Coffee, as one of the three major beverages in the world, is a daily necessity for people. In the long-term development of coffee, there are also many different flavors. In order to keep the unique flavor of the coffee purchased by customers unchanged, coffee packaging plays an important role.

Therefore, many coffee manufacturers spend a lot of energy on the selection of coffee packaging. In a sense, coffee packaging bags are as important as coffee beans. The coffee bag is the key to transforming all the efforts into user experience, and it is also the key to increase the impact of the brand, because people know your brand more through the packaging before tasting the coffee beans.

12 oz Compostable Valved Coffee Bag

Here are some key factors you should consider when choosing a bag for your specialty coffee beans:

First, we must first consider the protection of coffee packaging bags for coffee products

Prevent water vapor and air from entering

After the coffee beans are roasted, they will produce pores, and the higher the roasting temperature, the more pores will be produced. These pores will absorb moisture, oxygen and odor, which will affect the flavor of coffee beans and accelerate the deterioration of coffee beans.

Therefore, the insulation of the coffee packaging bag is the most important, and the air must be prevented from entering the packaging bag to ensure the flavor and taste of the coffee beans. Therefore, when choosing the material of the packaging bag, it is necessary to understand the barrier properties of the material.


Roasted coffee beans will continue to release carbon dioxide (CO2), causing the bag to continue to expand, and if the gas is not expelled in time, the bag will eventually explode. Therefore, coffee packaging bags must use a one-way degassing valve. Carbon dioxide (CO2) escapes through the air valve, while outside air does not enter through the air valve, providing long-lasting protection for coffee beans.

High isolation of recyclable vertical coffee bag
One-Way degassing valve


Our coffee products are usually not consumed immediately and therefore need to be resealed to ensure the longevity of the coffee. The most common type of reseal is the zipper. Easy to operate and good sealing effect. The Side Gusset Pouch needs to be sealed with tin tie.

High isolation of recyclable vertical coffee bag

Do you need environmentally friendly materials?

In recent years, many countries have issued laws to restrict plastic products, requiring the use of biodegradable packaging bags or recyclable packaging bags, and with the gradual increase in environmental awareness, more and more young people are willing to choose environmentally friendly products when shopping, and also Willingness to pay a premium for environmentally friendly products. Therefore, many coffee manufacturers will also choose degradable materials or recyclable materials with good insulation to make coffee packaging bags.

You don’t have to worry about the insulation of degradable materials. As a home compostable material, NKME has excellent insulation and can completely protect coffee beans.

Compostable coffee bag

Bag type and filling efficiency

Bag Type

Different bag types and different designs will produce different visual effects. So the choice of bag type is also very important, here are three different coffee bag types recommended for you.

Filling Efficiency

In addition, the bag type will also have a certain impact on the filling efficiency. So you have to confirm your output and filling method. Any businessman is very sensitive to cost. If you are filling manually or semi-automatically, the Side Gusset Pouch with a larger opening will be better. But if you are fully automatic mechanized filling, please ensure that the coffee bag opening is compatible with your equipment.

More attractive

Coffee packaging bags are an important way to promote the brand. Eye-catching coffee packaging bags can attract more new customers and retain more old customers. So many coffee merchants will spend a lot of energy on the design

Why Custom Coffee Bags

Coffee Information

In addition to the matching of color patterns, the information on the coffee packaging bag is also very important. Your coffee packaging should include: brand name, origin, weight, production time, certification, roast profile and flavor information.

In addition, you can also put information with brand characteristics or other meanings.

Innovative Design

In addition, you can also choose some coffee bags that are different from other competitors, such as coffee bags with card slit or special printed bags, UV printing.

I hope this coffee bag guide can help you, and you are welcome to communicate with us more:

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