Do the weed bags need to be heat sealed?

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In the last blog, we discussed some things to note about customizing weed bags. Today I would like to talk to you about whether the weed bag needs to be heat sealed.

In the last article, we mentioned that cannabis products have very high requirements for packaging bags: first, the bags must be moisture-proof; second, the bags must isolate odors. Many friends will ask: Since it is already a highly insulating bag, do additional sealing steps need to be performed?

The answer is yes! Must be sealed!

Although the bags are made of highly insulating materials and have child-resistant zippers, the additional heat sealing ensures that the bag is 100% airtight again.

The most important thing is that the top heat seal is also a guarantee of product safety, letting customers know that their product has never been opened.

How to seal a custom weed bag?

1. Usually, there are professional sealing machines in large factories, and the sealing efficiency is very high.

2. There are also some manually operated sealing machines, as shown in the figure:

a. Close the zipper of the packaging bag

b. Place the top of the bag filled with product between the sealing machine strip seals

c. Press gently for about 2-3 seconds and then release.

3. Also if you don’t have a heat sealing machine on hand. You can use an electric iron for heat sealing and achieve the same heat sealing effect. When using tools such as irons to seal, please protect yourself and those around you from getting burned. In addition, the pressing time is longer than that of a professional heat sealer, about 5-10 seconds.

For more knowledge about heat sealing of large hemp bags, please refer to the article “How to Seal Your Stand Up Pouches“. You can also leave us a message to communicate.

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