Can the one-way valve on the coffee bag be discarded?

Coffee bags with valve

In the modern coffee industry, maintaining the freshness of coffee beans is crucial. This is not only related to consumers’ drinking experience, but also directly affects the sales of coffee beans. To achieve this, many coffee bags are equipped with one-way air valves. However, as environmental awareness increases, some people begin to question: Do we […]

What You Should Know about Recyclable Packaging Bags

In recent decades, environmental problems have become the focus of human attention. The disposal of plastic waste has always been a problem. It takes hundreds of years to decompose, which puts a great burden on the earth. So the plastic packaging industry has been working hard on alternatives. In recent years, recyclable packaging bag solutions have become […]

How to choose the right packaging bag for your coffee?

Why Custom Coffee Bags

Coffee, as one of the three major beverages in the world, is a daily necessity for people. In the long-term development of coffee, there are also many different flavors. In order to keep the unique flavor of the coffee purchased by customers unchanged, coffee packaging plays an important role. Therefore, many coffee manufacturers spend a […]

The most common packaging materials for coffee bags

In the last article, we introduced compostable materials for packaging bags: In the new article, we will introduce the most common coffee packaging bag materials. So far, compostable coffee packaging bags cannot completely replace traditional coffee packaging bags. Affected by shelf life and cost, coffee bags made of traditional materials still account for a […]

How to choose the right environmentally friendly material coffee bag.

In recent years, due to drastic changes in the earth’s climate, human beings have become more and more aware of environmental protection. In order to protect the earth’s environment, protect the biological homeland, and prevent more and more animals from eating plastic and losing their lives, more and more countries have enacted a series of […]