Customized Packaging Bag For Dog/Cat Food

Customized Packaging Bag For Dog/Cat Food

We are a professional supplier of customized printed food bags.

We hope to customize the most beautiful packaging bags for you, and use our advanced printing technology to customize the packaging for your products.

We have done a good job in customizing packaging bags. Please feel free to contact us for videos. We are happy to introduce our products to you.

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PE, Aluminum foil


Stand Up Pouch


FDA Food Grade

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Description about Customized Packaging Bag For Dog/Cat Food

Functions of our food packaging

  • Airtightness: Ensure that the dog treat packaging bags have good airtightness, which can effectively prevent the treat from getting wet and polluted, and keep the food fresh.
  • Transparency: You can customize dog treat packaging bags with windows, so that consumers can clearly see the appearance and texture of the treats, increasing the appeal.
  • Air permeability: Some dog treats may require a certain degree of air permeability, especially for treat with high moisture content, the water vapor generated by the treat itself should be discharged from the packaging bag in time to prevent the food from becoming wet.
  • Temperature resistance: If the dog treat need to be frozen or have special storage requirements, the packaging bag should have low or high temperature resistance.
  • Resealability: There are a lot of dog food or freeze-dried packages that are packaged in large volumes, which requires that the dog treat packaging bags can be resealed to ensure that the food will not deteriorate.
  • Publicity: In addition to the protective function of custom dog treat packaging, the most important thing is to promote the brand and increase sales. An attractive design can make your product stand out on the shelf, increase customers’ desire to buy and deepen their impression of your brand.

Our packaging features:

  • Health and safety, no pollution.
  • Closed, food packaging should be closed.
  •  The barrier property mainly includes the moistureproof, gas barrier and fragrance retention of the package.
  • Shading is mainly for greasy food.
  • Anti static property, for powder food packaging, will not affect the heat sealing strength and sealing effect of food packaging!

Applicable scope of food bag:

Preserved meat, meat, fish, eggs, seafood, chicken, duck, quick frozen food, fresh food, pickled food, pickled vegetables, pickled vegetables, lobster sauce and so on can protect the fragrance, freshness, quality, taste and color.

Multi-Colors Printing; Size Custom
Material Custom; Thickness Custom

Printing Process of Custom Packaging Bags

Ten-color Gravure Printing Machine

  • 10 colors can be printed.
  • The color is subject to the international Pantone color, no chromatic aberration.


  • Multi-SKU: With excellent imposition capability, multiple SKUs can be printed at the same time
  • High productivity: No need to make a plate in advance, directly enter the design draft into the computer to print your custom bag.

Choose a Custom Effect for Your Custom Weed Bags

Allinclusive specializes in custom printing bags for businesses in need. You can customize odor- and child-resistant bags for your cannabis products. You can have 500pcs custom mylar weed bags for a fair price, just give us the design.

UV Printing
UV Printing

Through technical processing, a matte and glossy effect is achieved. Will make a custom weed bag look premium.

touch film
Touch Film

It looks similar to a matte film, but it feels very delicate to the touch. Would make a custom weed bag with a child-resistant zipper more popular.


With a metallic sheen. Because it is very reflective, it will make the product stand out more on the shelf.


More classic. Matte often gives a sense of calm atmosphere.

How to get the ideal custom packaging bag from us

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