Customized Aluminum Foil Nozzle Bag

Customized Aluminum Foil Nozzle Bag

Product name: Fruit juice puree nozzle bag
Material: PET/NY/liquid PE (customizable)
Size: (customizable)
Bag type: beverage bag
Usage: It can be used for liquid packaging such as fruit paste, milk, juice, cola, mineral water, soy sauce, vinegar, etc.

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Suction nozzle bag


FDA Food Grade

Price range: $0.30

Description about Customized Aluminum Foil Nozzle Bag

The advantage of nozzle bag over common packaging forms lies in its portability. The nozzle bag can be conveniently put into the backpack or pocket, and has the following features and functions as the contents decrease.

The reason why the market can get so much recognition from the nozzle bag is that the bag has the following characteristics.

Feature 1: Material characteristics of nozzle bag
The materials are made of environment-friendly materials, which are supported by people. Therefore, this material is recognized by the market, and the nozzle bag is excellent in corrosion resistance, water resistance, oil resistance and service life.

Feature 2: printing features
It can be printed on the nozzle bag. The role of printing is very strong. It is widely used in many industries, mainly to promote manufacturers and products.

Feature 3: Low price
The low price suddenly improved the cost performance of the nozzle bag, and the market was unanimously recognized.

Feature 4: Large market demand
Many industries apply to one bag, and the market demand is large.

Characteristic 5: Practical and creative
The nozzle bag has strong practicability, better sealing of the bag mouth, and is more durable. The overall design is very suitable for people to use.


The nozzle bag must have the following properties and functions.

1. Good hygiene and safety
The materials used for the nozzle bag shall be non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, chemically stable and not react with the contents. During the production process, the amount of residual solvent shall be strictly controlled, and the amount of residual solvent must meet the national standard (benzene 0.01mg/, total amount 5mg/). The bag must be secure. Please do not hurt or eat it by mistake.

2. Excellent sealing performance
Sealing is the basic function of nozzle bag. Long term storage shall be free of package leakage. The heat sealing material of the bag must have excellent low temperature heat sealing performance and heat sealing strength (heat sealing temperature 135, heat sealing strength of PET composite products 50N/15mm, and heat sealing strength of NY composite products 60N/15mm).

The above is about the features and functions of the nozzle bag. For more information, please feel free to contact us! Our company has many years of experience, and is very strict in the production process of the nozzle bag. If you find problems, you can make up in time, which is more perfect for the product. If you have problems, you can consult us at any time, and professional customer service will answer for you. We are looking forward to your participation at any time.

Printing Process of Custom Packaging Bags

Ten-color Gravure Printing Machine

  • 10 colors can be printed.
  • The color is subject to the international Pantone color, no chromatic aberration.


  • Multi-SKU: With excellent imposition capability, multiple SKUs can be printed at the same time
  • High productivity: No need to make a plate in advance, directly enter the design draft into the computer to print your custom bag.

Choose a Custom Effect for Your Custom Weed Bags

Allinclusive specializes in custom printing bags for businesses in need. You can customize odor- and child-resistant bags for your cannabis products. You can have 500pcs custom mylar weed bags for a fair price, just give us the design.

UV Printing
UV Printing

Through technical processing, a matte and glossy effect is achieved. Will make a custom weed bag look premium.

touch film
Touch Film

It looks similar to a matte film, but it feels very delicate to the touch. Would make a custom weed bag with a child-resistant zipper more popular.


With a metallic sheen. Because it is very reflective, it will make the product stand out more on the shelf.


More classic. Matte often gives a sense of calm atmosphere.

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