Application of Invisible Ink in Flexible Packaging

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Today I would like to introduce to you a very unpopular knowledge in the field of customized flexible packaging: the application of fluorescent ink in customized flexible packaging. Fluorescent ink is also called invisible ink. Its main function is to prevent counterfeiting. It is not widely used in printed packaging. Only some special products or some big brands choose to use invisible ink in the printing of packaging bags. Although invisible ink is not commonly used in the field of flexible packaging, I think it is still necessary to popularize it to everyone. After all, it is also an important means to protect your own brand.

First of all, let us first understand what fluorescent ink is. UV fluorescent ink is made by adding corresponding visible fluorescent compounds to the ink. Under ultraviolet light, it emits sparkling fluorescence. UV fluorescent inks are divided into invisible and tangible ones.

Invisible UV fluorescent ink: The material used is invisible material, which has better anti-counterfeiting concealment and stronger anti-counterfeiting strength. It is favored by many big brands. However, it is more difficult to print because the invisible fluorescent ink is invisible or colorless. It is invisible to the naked eye during printing and does not have any tracking marks for machine recognition.

Tangible UV fluorescent ink: The material used is tangible fluorescent ink. The printing process is simple. The printing effect is the same as that of ordinary ink. However, under ultraviolet light, the printed matter shows an abnormal light, so it can only be distinguished under ultraviolet light. than ordinary ink. The anti-counterfeiting concealment is weak.

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